Dancing for my dinner...

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Dancing for dinner tonight…

So the shenanigans at our house tonight we’re pretty funny.

Liz was going to pick up some food so she grabbed something for all of us and came home.

She sets the bag down in the kitchen and tells me not to touch it.

runs upstairs grabs her portable Bose speaker...

sets it down, and says OK you don’t have to pay me for dinner

but there is a price…

You must dance!

At that point she pressed play, started blasting some hip shaking music and started getting her dance on….

Sandee and I complied. and started dancing too…

After about five minutes of hysterically laughing and shaking our booties all over the room

it was time for dinner…

So yeah, shenanigans with the girls.

We’ve always got stories...

never a dull moment.

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