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Connections, Conversations & Communication. How my relationships have changed me in amazing ways.

Connections, Conversations and communication and how it has changed my life. The family I have, the family I created, the community I am growing and growing with, the love we share, the forgiveness and fun and presence. Life is good for me.. At least I make sure I see it that way. Things are tough but much of this is about how we look at things... so shifting how I love, who I love and who I heal with. My people, my journey, my revelations. They are deep and life altering. Letting love and living my life change me. One day at a time . Processing through my life and making it all work for me. I don’t have all the answers but I make sure and enjoy the ride... Are you participating in your existence? . We must love to heal!!! Get a notebook and get ready. Love you all.

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