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connection, community.. bullshit and details

connection with the right souls

there are those that you learn the lessons

(when we are still sleeping)

and those you consciously build with

once you find your people.

i love being in the phase of my life where i am consciously building with woke other individuals.

Strategically understanding where we are, what is happening

and how to maneuver around this place.

not getting too caught up… in anything.

connecting with people who are willing to play the game

and flow with each other.

building this collective community.

uniting as one and honoring ourselves.

our true souls journey

and finding balance….

and the rest, my friend… is bullshit and details.

let us embrace each other and the shift we are amongst.

love you all.

wake up. its not that fuckin serious.

your okay.

i love my life

my community

my existence.

get some.

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