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Choosing peace.

I choose peace in my life. All the time, as frequently as possible.

This doesn’t mean not being angry or being able to set some shit straight...

It doesn’t mean my life is smooth or somehow easy either.

But setting things at the right place for me.

It means that whatever the universe presents to me

I accept it as exactly what I need right now.

See, I TRUST God/ The Universe/ Spirit so deeply...

I know everything that happens to me is exactly as it should be.

Getting all bent out of shape constantly gets old.. so, I choose to let it go...

I know the way things happen are only for a reason...

(It’s probably time to explore that).

Many times I can’t see the entire picture...

Fortunately, I’ve seen enough unfold that I’m positive on how this place we live here works...

And I know choosing peace in my life means...

Accepting what is, managing what’s in front of me and doing the best for myself everyday. 

Be present for all those in my path and always.. choosing peace.

You see, I work way to hard to get my stuff together 

to let something/ someone goofy/ meaningless mess my vibe up...

So, I choose peace. I choose me. 

Every dang time.

No one can take that from me.

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