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Blow with the wind

Messages to shift gears again.

I’m never ready

but I am always expecting change.


moving again.

Packing up all my crystal babies for the next adventure.

They are my most favorite thing.


So, as I begin the process.

I know spirit is giving me exactly what I need...

This time it won’t be four boys in a house

(That has been an experience).

But being around creatives and loving maternal energy.

Could definitely use some of that.

And location location location.

I will be close to my business partners and the water and my son.

Good stuff.

Who wouldn’t love that.

So, as its not comfortable.

I can see around the corner to see how its all falling into place.

How spirit is lining up all of my dreams and manifestations and showing me how its gonna play out.

It feels so empowering to hear the details of my life.

In the whispers of the wind.

Knowing and trusting that every next step will beautiful if I allow it.

Don’t be so quick to turn down opportunities in your life for change.

The universe is trying to speak to you and deliver a phenomenal reality.

Let your life be amazing.

Blow with the wind and trust.

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