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Being okay, not being okay.

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

This thanksgiving.

by choice.

hanging out with myself.

much changed for me this year.

chaos . deep sadness . pain processing . release .

revelation. love. epiphany. meaning. purpose. me. 

knowing when to retreat. 

 ...(people won’t understand)

you will.

so many relationships not where I want them to be.

don’t have a choice.

but so






God is working on us all through our processes. 

not my timeline.

Loving people where they are at is more important for me now.

keeping my distance until it’s safe.

No longer putting myself in harms way

(if i can help it).

clearer on what my boundaries are.

existing in safer spaces for me.

not easy.

okay, not being okay though.

broadening my perspective.

much gratitude for growth. 

finding me in the midst of it all. 

loving my life.

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