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being a better mom. part two.

Updated: Dec 15, 2018


ive kinda screwed up some stuff with my kids.

in the midst of it all

i couldn’t see it.

never on purpose.


I have.

grateful to be working towards common goals now.

I was so grumpy.

mad at life and it came out on them.

not trying to be ME all over them anymore.

I am pretty overwhelming.

trying to be supportive and loving of who they are

giving them their own space to exist. 



shit happens.

can get ugly unintentionally… 

poor babies feel it so deeply.

we must talk with them.

not fun

need to go back and re-visit..

make it good now.

behave better today.

it will make things right.

healing together.

through truth

Honest conversations

not my agenda. 

getting it right with my boys.

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