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be there.

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Wherever you are, be there. 

we miss so much by not being present in our bodies.

in the company of people 

we aren’t paying attention to them

simple things being outside.

with the beautiful

star filled sky.

noticing the life the sun brings us.

or the seamless flight of the birds...

free live, color, 5D paintings all around us

all . day . long . 

look around at the gifts the beauty. 

ignoring most of it.

wherever you are, 

be there. 

God speaks to us through 



Isn’t that a crazy concept?…


always available.

get you some free beauty.

some connection.

some counseling.

directly from spirit. get present

and let your answers reveal themselves to you.

no longer need to “figure my life out”

Spirit and I know how to do this dance.

its the shit.

the thing is, I’m not in charge.

i let the universe guide me.

not the other way around.

highly entertained by my life and the mastery of manifestations its turning into.


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