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frequencies have a shelf life.






we aren’t all meant to stay active in one anothers lives forever.

at least in the physical 3d.

shifting energies.

Do you ever have that experience?

Where you feel like you outgrow someone?

or a relationship?

or certain activities that just aren’t supporting your growth?

I have made so many friends

and left so many relationships

and it continues.

as much as i appreciate all the love and the lessons

i see how all of them continue to TEACH me what I needed from the experience 

spirit continues to show me who is resonating on my frequency.

and it KICKS people who can’t hang in the frequency out of my greatness…

flowing with what is presenting. 

understanding the relationship changes and why

being able to see the why in it all

without falling apart.

Love this high vibe.

Bullshit and all.

Draya Love Style.

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