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Somaderm. a huge help.

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

My health journey has been quite long. 

Lots of medication, 

lots of modalities, 

lots of attempts to get better.

Realizing that over 85% of disease are hormone related...

I was introduced to Somaderm this summer.

It’s really made a big difference for me. 

It helps me with sleep tremendously. 

My dreams are so vivid and I actually remember them regularly now. 

I have substantially increased energy and clarity. 

I am able to function at a much higher level thanks to Somaderm. 

It works on my system from a cellular level; accessing things in my body

that I have had such a hard time tweaking on my own. 

Its helped my pain levels. (which are typically pretty gnarly).

Helps me regulate my body temperature.

I know I feel and look younger since using it as well.

I feel such a difference in my entire system.

Its amazing that Somaderm actually helps us help ourselves...

Click here to learn more about Somaderm.