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on my knee injury and universal communication



 I fell when i was bringing in my groceries.

(so bad I made a hole in my jeans and my knee…)

I was SPECIFICALLY deep in thought about some shit

that probably could have been a little more positive

(I admit).

Its wild how things happen

(injuries… accidents… situations)

when I am irritated.. or my frequency seems to be off..

and the universe 


(checks my ass)

what my vibration is saying…

despite me thinking I'm all high vibe…  

and managing fine...


energetically speaking.

and understanding the specific places of injuries tell us a story…

I  know the knees are about trusting others…

its my right side, representing the masculine..

so it was about my ability to trust men..


and I admittedly have struggled deeply with this..

and I am working out my shadow things 

on this specific topic as we speak.

thru my circumstances...

Its a wild thing to see play out in our lives. 

how the energy is giving me a message 

I have been fighting with...


I trust.

I pay attention.

I nurse my knee injury… 


and I know that the universe is forever communicating.

I just with the lessons didn’t have to be so dramatic.

Draya Love Style..

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