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Manifestation techniques - new moon

Last year a friend of mine taught me a super manifestation technique.

She said I didn’t need to understand how it all worked..

But that it did.

Just write down what I wanted on a piece of paper... 

really feel what I desired with my heart... 

Then go and burn it under the new moon.

Give it to the Universe.

Let spirit hear your cries for help.

Spirit hears it all and...they always answer.

I decided to give it a try... 

things changed

... and much faster than I anticipated..

Not always “positive” on the surface...

Many times things must be disrupted and broken up for new things to be born...

.. it will it bring change if that is what you need.

Be open to whatever way the universe delivers your answers..

many times our small minds can’t conceive of the much bigger picture God may have for us... 

.. getting my manifestations on.

passing my stuff to the universe and getting all the assistance I ask for.

seeing how much better God is at answering my “issues”

than my little perspective can ever concepetualize. 

Potent energies

New Moon manifestations every month.

(Children ** Must be performed with adult supervision**)

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