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Living amongst the tribe ...

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Living in a house with two women… 

not what I wanted but what I needed.. 

When I moved to Monterey, I was looking for my ideal living situation. 

definitely didn’t think I would be living with anybody else… 

I currently live in a house with two other women who both didn’t want to live in a house with anyone either. 

willing to try an unconventional scenario. 

God led us all to each other. 

I trusted it would work well for each of us..

now such great friends.

Created a phenomenal support system with each other. 

learning how to trust and depend on one another... 

in ways that we haven’t historically done


had the opportunity to do...


gaining deep insight. 

I’m so grateful for the tribe of sisters that is being created in my life. 

These wonderful beautiful women that surround me, my circle...  

the adventure, the fun, the crazy stories...

What a life...

manageable, perfect for me. 

For now. 

Not at all what I pictured.

So much more. 


Sandee cried before she moved in because she thought she would hate it... 

that’s SOOO funny!!!!