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I love today.

I love today

I am sitting at home on the couch, 

binaural beats on

Listening to my astrological forecast from Waterbaby Tarot...

crystals everywhere, candles lit, incense burning, 

manifesting on my altar.

... reading a book, preparing a reading for a client, 

in the middle of a writing or a new post...

all while my four boy roommates just know,

thats Draya...

Being her. 

All the time.

She doesn’t care.

I love today.

I might be eating chocolate chips before lunch 


I feel so free not being OBLIGATED to cook or do anything really,

For anyone... 

just doing me. 

I love today.

Its cold outside and I am curled up under a fuzzy blanket,

Getting ready to take a nap...

(my favorite) I love re-charging

... before I go have Sunday dinner with my youngest son at work. 

so we can hang out,

Talk, chill, laugh, heal, love,

 just be.

Commune together.

I love today.

How spirit answers when I ask.

So swiftly and clearly.

How the universe is free therapy that never takes a hiatus.

Just waiting and willing to assist in ANY/EVERY thing that my heart desires.

(open mind required)

I’m just super content.

Quite frankly, 

In love with my life.

Go get you some. 

only requires your willingness and participation.

I love today. 

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