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energy utilization and love

things may not always be what we want or expect

but when we see what is

and allow the energies to speak to us

it can be quite profound

accepting who and what is present in my life has changed everything

Having many loves in my life

many people that I allow into my space to free me from myself

and allow me to grow into this beauty.

I have been gifted so many friends and family

friends that are family

that I have

learned to utilize the energy to everyones advantage

many may think that just one person will meet their many sides they have to themselves… 

(is that realistic?)

relationships are not what tradition dictates any longer.

I've found that energetically I can make my way around quite well if I am wise

and work with what I already have.

As we release what doesn’t serve us.

Think about all the people you have in your life…

and all the energies they represent.

and you don’t have to be or meet all of them.

you can just utilize each other for what it is they bring

supporting one another

and all ride together.

shifting as needed.

Its so much less stressful

and the pressure is off to be everything.

to everyone. 

or even yourself.

I am so grateful that the universe gifts me with all that I need

every time

the souls, the energy, the experiences

I love depending on people in different ways

pulling together to make this lifetime so much more memorable.

non-traditional love in many ways

making me more vulnerable to the goodness in my space.

they soften my heart

loving my people through the journey

appreciate being so supported in mine.

energy expert.

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