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Draya Love & Hulu Amen Ra After the Market conversations - Waking people up

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

People wanting a quick and easy fix.

Assisting people while they wake up in the middle of their messy journey.

We are all in such different places; deciding to care about the details of their life.

It takes a lot of attention to make this shift.

Waking to what we aren’t doing energetically.

How to quantify our imbalances and what to do.

How to listen to all the subtle communication.

How to get a grip going into 2020.

It’s a great opportunity to get a damn grip.

We can really help you.

Let us break you out of the programming.

Get some.

#drayalove #drayaloveperspectives #huluamenra #afterthemarket #wakingpeopleup

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