About Draya Love

From Northern California, the San Jose bay area… 

A large family with 6 children, (4 adoptions) and a lot of unkept trauma needing attention.

I was the second oldest, and a mini mom to the younger kids.


My corporate life began at 16 years old. Had a son at 20 and I married an old friend of mine at 24. He also has a son who we raised until he was 15. I spent most of my married life in San Diego, in suburbia. Literally. Worked in Corporate America from 16 until I went out on disability at 39. 

My body got really sick from what I wasn’t dealing within my personal life and no longer allowed me to function in the work world. It was time for me to focus on me.

Within 6 months of going on disability, my husband wanted out of the marriage. 


Lucky me. 


I didn’t know it then, but I sure do now. This was the event that shifted everything for me.


The family split between the bay area and San Diego, things really changed. 

I spent 6 years moving around the bay, trying to figure what was next for me.

Lots of heavy familial challenges to deal with and muddle through.

I experienced some romantic relationships and a three-year engagement that

taught me a lot about love and about myself... 

From a health perspective I made a decision that I no longer wanted to put things in my body that aren’t natural. Thus started my journey to find myself...

what I needed, wanted, deserved... what my soul had been craving for so long.


Started my company in Monterey and began to gain my own footing on what was next for me. I needed to manage my living situation and feel good, safe and free at home.

It’s taken some time to figure that out but I am here and in the magic now.


Healthier in all the ways now. It’s a long process but I’m working with myself every day to stay balanced within my needs. Lots of constant work to release all that’s been stored up in my sweet body all these years.

This is how Draya Love was born...


Back to San Diego in 2019


The ride since I got here has been so fast. 

Living close to my youngest son. 

It opens my heart to love and be there for each other again.

My two sons, My greatest gifts. 

Healing, healing and more healing. 

Now, finding a space for my magic and linking up with my soul tribe. Teams of high level performers, healers and light workers. Spirit brought us all together to align with our true souls work. The network is growing quickly,  igniting our purposes and joining forces has been magical.


Published an exciting book, love letter to my life. Healing. Its a game changer for the

wellness space. Small doses of day to day healing practices ready to integrate as you read.

Complex topics made fun, light, accessible and relevant for everyone. It's the baseline for

my membership and the protocol on how I guide people through their waking up process.

It will change your life. It has mine. 


Creating and connecting communities and networks of healers across the world.

Guiding people into their grandioseness on all levels. 

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